Help & Guide

Posting Ads

How can I Post An Ad on ?

  • In order to post an ad on, simply click on the Post an Ad button on the top right corner of your screen. 
  • This takes you to a log in page where you can either log in with your existing account details or register a new account with us.
  • Once you have created an account, simply log in from your account and go to the post ads section.
  • Choose the location and the category in which you want to post your ad.
  • Choose an attractive title for your ad.
  • Enter the details about your ad and make it attractive by adding pictures, videos and YouTube URLs.
  • Tick the options by which you wish to be contacted by prospective buyers you can choose amongst emails, phone or web links.
  • Choose whether you wish to post a free ad or a featured ad.
  •  Read and agree with the Privacy Policy
  •  Click on the Post Ad button.
  •  The ad will go live immediately, occasionally there can be a delay if the ad requires a review. 

How do I receive replies via email / phone?

1. If you wish to receive your responses via phone, we display your number along with your ad by placing it behind a “click to show” link. Users can access this link to get your number and contact you directly. 2. If you wish to receive your responses via emails, we do not display your email ids. Users can fill up an online form in order to get in touch with you and we send you the details entered by these users to your email ids along with their contact details. You can get in touch with people who seem to be prospective.

How do I Add Pictures/ Videos / YouTube URLs to the ad?

1. While filling out the details of your ad on the ‘Post an Ad’ option, simply click the ‘Browse’ button next to the Add Photo Column. Choose the photos that you want to upload and press enter. 2. You can upload a maximum of 9 photos along with your ad. 3. In case of a YouTube video, simply paste its URL on the column which says YouTube Video URL.

How can I create an extremely attractive ad?

While posting an ad you need to ensure that your message is extremely clear and concise. Always remember that your ad would be one among the hundreds others which are present on the site. Moreover, it would also have to fight against the featured ads who hog all the limelight. Therefore, it is essential to follow the following steps to make your ads attractive and to increase the responses to your ads on BigPage. 1. Provide clear descriptions of the product/ service. 2. Provide details about the product/ service. Think of the various questions that someone might have when reading through your ad and write down their answers in a concise manner on your ad. 3. Make your requirements crystal clear irrespective of the fact that you are offering or wanting a product / service. 4. Add pictures and videos to make your ad much more attractive. 5. Use friendly wordings and have a friendly tone to your ads. 6. Mention the price ranges that you are looking at. 7. Provide your contact details.

Where and How should I place the ad?

In order to get the most out of BigPage, it is imperative that you get the location and category of the ad right. Since the posting ultimately depends on the location and category entered by you, choosing a wrong one can lead to little or no responses to your ad. To ensure that you are posting your ad in the right category, please browse through the BigPage website and go through the various sections featuring on our site. Alternatively, you could also go through our help and guide sections to get a greater idea on how to use the site and where to post the ad.

How and When will my ad be activated?

There are two aspects to activating an ad on BigPage. 1. There are a few ad categories which require activation confirmation from you as well as from our support staff. You need to confirm that you have requested to post the said ad while our support staff check and confirm that the ad meets our posting rules and our Terms and Conditions. The entire process need not take more than 3 – 4 hours of you confirming the activation link. 2. All ads posted on BigPage require activation confirmation from our support staff. Our support staff checks and confirms that the ad meets our posting rules and our Terms and Conditions. Your ads should be live within the next 3 – 4 hours.