Experience software engineering in Bangladesh

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Software engineering is the study and it is an application of engineering for the design, maintenance and software development. 

Software engineering:

 Generally formal definitions of software engineering are design, develop, research and also test operating system-level software, compilers and also network distribution software for medical, military, communications, industrial, business, scientific and also general computing applications. It includes the systematic application of scientific and technological knowledge, methods and experience for the design, testing, implementation and also software documentation. 

Systematic approach

The application of a disciplined, systematic, quantifiable approach for the development, operation and software maintenance is implemented
An engineering discipline is concerned with all aspects of software production • The establishment and use of sound engineering principles to make the cost effective software that is reliable and works efficiently on the real machines 
Required education Knowledge of computer programming is a prerequisite to become a software engineer. For practitioners who want to become proficient and well known software engineers. Certificate programs to enhance knowledge above the level by an academic degree. Besides university education many companies sponsor internships for the students who want to chase their career in information technology. The internship program for the students is really an interesting task that the software engineers face every day. Similarly this experience can be gained in military service in case of software engineering. 

Legal needs for the licensing or certification of the skilled software engineers who differ in the world • Mandatory licensing is presently still highly debated and perceived as controversial • The use of the term engineer is regulated by law and reserved only for use by the individuals who have a license of skilled engineer • Skilled engineer licenses are exact for the state that is awarded them and have to be daily retaken 


For the relative newness as a ground of study, prescribed education in software engineering is often taught as part of a computer science program and lots of software engineers hold the degree of computer science and they don’t have any background even. Lots of software engineer work as employees or contractors. Software engineers work with government agencies, businesses and nonprofit businesses. Some of them work as freelancers in Bangladesh. Specialists are there to access their assignment in each software development company. Other organizations need software engineers to do many or all of them. Only one role is specialized in the bigger projects. In the smaller projects people might fill several or all the roles at the same time. 


Specialization process involves in the industry are architects, analysis, testers, developers, middleware analysis, technical support or managers.
  • Most of the software engineers and programmers work 40 hours in a week
  • Injuries are rare in this jobOn the contrary other workers who spend lots of time before the computer screen are supposed to suffer from eyestrain, back discomfort, hand issues and wrist problems like carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Software engineering is ranked as one of the best jobs in Bangladesh Certification
 Software engineering institute provides certifications on the specific subjects like security, software architecture, process development, etc. Some well-known companies like Apple, IBM, Microsoft and others are also providing their sponsorship for their own certification examination. Lots of certification programs are made for the specific technologies and handled by the vendors. These programs are customized for the institutions that would employ the individuals who need these technologies. 

Broader certification 

  • Bigger certification of general skills of software engineering is available through the different professional societies
  • The possibility of professional certification of the software engineers were examined in the late 1980s.
  • Later it was decided that such certification was wrong for the skilled industrial practice of software engineering 

Globalization impact

The primary impact of outsourcing and also the relatively lower cost of international human resources in increasing third world countries led to an immense migration of software development functions from corporations throughout the world. This approach has some faults, mainly the distance or time zone difference that prevented human interaction between clients, developer and also the massive job transfer. This had a negative effect on lots of aspects of software engineering job. Some students avoid education that are related to software engineering due to the fear of offshore outsourcing and also displaced by foreign visa workers. 

Global outsourcing has many benefits and usually distributed. Development can run into the great difficulties causes from the difference of the developers. This is due to the key factors of this type of distance that might be detected as cultural, geographical, and communication. Research is performed in the area of global software development over the last 2 decades and also the relevant work is published and it highlights the benefits and issues linked with the difficult task. Other aspects of software engineering research are continuing in this and related areas.