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Software development is a process of computer programming, testing, bug fixing, documenting that are included in making and maintaining applications and frameworks. These are added in the software release lifecycle and it result in a software product. 

What does the term ‘software’ refers to? 

  • The term refers to a writing process and also the maintenance work of the source code
  • In a broader sense of the term it involves that entire are in between the concept of the desired software to the final manifestation of the software through a planned and structured procedure
  • So the software development procedure involves new development, research, prototyping, reuse, modification, maintenance, re-engineering or any other tasks that are involved in software products that are implemented by software development company. 


Software can be made for the different purposes and the three most common objectives to meet the specific requirements of the specific client or business to meet the apparent requirements of the probable users or for private use. 

What is embedded software development?

It is the development process of embedded software like this is used for managing consumer products and it needs the development process that should be integrated with the progress of the managed physical product. System software denotes the applications and also the programming procedure and it is often made separately. 
The need for better quality control
  • The requirement for better quality control of the software development procedure has risen to the discipline of the software engineering
  • It targets to use the systemic approach that is clarified in the engineering paradigm for the software development process.
  • Several approaches are there in software project handling and it is known as software development life cycle models, procedures, methodologies, models, etc. 


A software development process is known as software development methodologies. Actually it is framework that is used to plan, structure and handle the procedure to make information systems. Variety of such frameworks has evolved in the recent years with the recognized strengths and weakness. Several processes are added in software development process. Some of them will take more structured, engineering based methods to make business solutions and others might take more incremental process. Software evolves since it is made piece by piece. Single system development process is not suitable for the use of all the products. Every methodology is organized for the specific types of projects and it is based on different organizational, technical, project and team thoughts.

Stages of software development:

  • Most of the methodologies add some combination of the following stages of software development process: Market research
  • Analyzing the issue
  • Gathering needs for the proposed business solutions
  • Making a plan for the software based things
  • Software implementation
  • Software testing
  • Deployment
  • Bug fixing and maintenance 

Software development lifecycle

 These stages are often referred as the software development lifecycle. Several approaches for software development might carry these stages in different orders or provide more or less time for the several stages. The level of the documentation that is made at every stage of software development process might differ. These stages might be performed or they might be repeated over the different cycles or iterations. 

Extreme approach

  • The more extreme approach generally adds less time spent on planning and documentation and more time spent on coding and development of the automated tests
  • More extreme approaches also support continuous testing throughout the development of the automated tests and having a working product at all times
  • More structured or waterfall based methods try to assess the bulk of risks and make a detailed plan for the software before the implementation begins and prevent important design changes and re-coding in the later stages of the software development life cycle planning

Important advantages and disadvantages

 There are important advantages and disadvantages to the different methodologies and the finest approach to solve an issue using software will often depend on the type of problem. If the issue is well understood and a solution can be helpfully made of time, the more waterfall based approach might work the best. Software development companies are making thoughts for the software products and legion. These thoughts can come from market research including the demographics of probable new customers, present customers, sales prospects, internal software development staff or a creative third party. Thoughts for software products are generally assessed by the marketing personnel for the economic feasibility. 

In a marketing evaluation phase, the cost and time assumptions become assessed. A decision is taken at the early stage since it is based on more detailed information made by marketing and development staff. The software development project should be chased further.