Best eye hospital in India

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Dr R.P. Centre for ophthalmic sciences, AIIMS, New Delhi:
Looking for the best eye hospitals in India? Eye hospitals are also called ophthalmic hospitals and the person who treats such problems is called ophthalmologist. Lots of eye problems are very much common for the people such as, cataract, glaucoma, dry eyes, low vision, tearing, retinal issues, conjunctivitis, eye lid issues, temporal issues and so many. These are the common issues in the different age group that require immediate attention to prevent complications. Especially the developing children require special care of simple eye issues to prevent awkward danger like blindness. Following are the best, popular and top quality hospitals in India. All of them are very trusted so going any of them with trust is trouble-free.

Dr R.P. Centre for ophthalmic sciences, AIIMS, New Delhi:

Dr. R.P. Centre for ophthalmic sciences situate at the AIIMSS, New Delhi. It is an integral part of AIIMS which was made on 1967 as a National Institute of Ophthalmology. Dr. R.P. Centre for ophthalmic sciences has six units along with expert doctors and staff member. Para clinical departments like Ocular Anesthesia, ocular biochemistry, ocular pathology, Ocular Biochemistry, Ocular Microbiology, Ocular Pharmacology, Ocular Radiology, etc. Emergency services involve a round the clock emergency service, Glaucoma Screening Cell, Eye collection and Eye Bank.

Shroff eye hospital New Delhi Shroff eye hospital:

New Delhi is one of the finest eye hospitals in India for the several eye treatments. This eye and ENT hospital of North India got NABH authorization to provide quality care. The hospital was established in 1914 and it is supposed to be the top eye and ENT super specialty hospitals in all of North India. It provides several different medical and allied services, training and volunteering, community work and projects services etc. Achieving global standard in quality eye and ENT treatment is another success. Shroff eye hospital New Delhi gives treatment for cataract, corneal issues, glaucoma, Lasik treatment, ocular oncology and aesthetics, pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus, vitreous retina issues etc. 

L.V. Prasad eye hospital Hyderabad:

LV Prasad eye hospital in Hyderabad is a complete eye hospital offering facilities, premium eye care and treatment. This hospital is a collaborating centre of World Health Organization and it is working for prevention of blindness. They provide direct service to more than 2000 villages through primary and secondary care and also offer training for the eye care experts from India and abroad. LV Prasad eye hospital was established in 1987 with three basic things efficiency, equity and excellence. The education department the hospital provides fellowships in sub-specialties for Ophthalmologists with post graduate discipline. Rehabilitation and sight enhancement services are an integral part of this hospital for the people who require this service. 

Sankara Netralaya, Chennai:

Sankara Netralaya, Chennai based eye hospital works with the determination to meet the needs of the patients and provides amazing ophthalmic care. They work hard to maintain the quality service and ensure complete utilization of infrastructural facilities and also ensure patients’ satisfaction. This eye hospital has medical research foundation and vision research foundation to achieve several targets. Sankara Netralaya treats every eye issues, disorders, complaints, cataract surgery, glaucoma, corneal disease, retinal problems, loss of vision, blurred vision, eye diseases, squint and related issues etc. 

Aravind eye hospital, Madurai:

Aravind eye hospital, Madurai is the premium eye hospital in India with best eye care. This ophthalmological hospital was founded by Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy in 1976. This hospital have several locations throughout Madurai, Pondicherry, Salem, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Amethi, Tirunelveli, Theni, India. Well accommodations are there in the hospital for 330 paying patients and 920 free patients. This hospital got lots of accreditation and awards like Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize in 2010, 2008 Gates Award for Global Health, India’s Most pioneering Hospital, Award at India Healthcare Awards 2011, FICCI award for the Best Private Hospital in India etc.