Best cancer hospital in India

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Have cancer or your dear one is suffering from this? No need to get worried. In olden days, Cancer was considered as a dreadful disease with no cure. It is used to divert the physical and mental balance of the patients and their families once after it is confirmed. In those days, death becomes inevitable for patients who were diagnosed with cancer. Now the situation has changed due to the contribution of super specialty cancer hospitals to the society. The research, screening and treatment that are provided by these hospitals are wonderful. This motivates the cancer patients and their families to have new hope in their life. Following are some of the best cancer hospitals in India:

Adyar Cancer Hospital, Chennai

This is one of the well-known cancer treatment centres in India. It was established in 1954 in Chennai. Both research and preventive facilities are there for cancer. It is equipped with most up-to-date technologies for the treatment of cancer. It is also known as the cancer institute with blood bank, tobacco stoppage programs, telemedicine services etc. Several departments are there like radical oncology, medical oncology, nuclear medicine, surgical oncology, preventive oncology etc. They offer good treatment for liver, cervix, breast, testis, bone, stomach, lymphomas and so many disorders that subject to clinical investigation and cure. The hospital has done many cancer surgeries productively. Patients are treated with maximum care and also boost their mental strength which is very important to recover.

Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum:

This is a renowned cancer treatment hospital in India. It is situated at Trivandrum in Kerala and was founded in the year 1981. The hospital offers treatment for different type of treatment for oncology and the respective surgery. It is equipped with modern services for cancer treatment and it has well experienced doctors and staff. This hospital was honored for the implementation of telemedicine to diagnose and cure Cancer. It also focuses on research, treatment, identification and cancer prevention.

MIOT Hospital, Chennai:

This hospital has grown quickly to be a centre of oncology. It is situated in Chennai and the department of oncology was started in the year 2008. Patients can avail numerous treatments for liver cancer, breast cancer, pancreas cancer, thoracic cancer, bone cancer, head and neck cancer, gastro intestinal cancer, gynecologic cancer, etc. Alternative services like chemotherapy, radiation, and other medical solutions are also available before going for surgery. The treatment aims keeping the body part without any transplantation. Minimal invasive method of surgery is followed here leaving no scars on the affected area. The hospital is well equipped with latest devices and technology and they have achieved high rate of success curing breast cancer. Early diagnostic procedures like blood test, scan test, mammography etc. are offered.

Apollo Hospitals:

This is one of the finest cancer hospitals in India. They have branches in Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata. Sophisticated equipments like cyber knife, positron emission tomography and Novalis radio surgery for the treatment of cancer. Experienced doctors are accompanied by expert speech therapist, counselors and dieticians to encourage the patients. They have high success rate to cure cancer and gets patients from all over the world. This hospital has done blood transmission and bone marrow transplantation surgeries productively. This hospital provides several services for periodic cancer treatment. 

Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai:

It is one of the well-known cancer care hospitals in Mumbai. It was established in the year 1952. Mainly radiology and chemotherapy are used by the doctors to cure cancer. It has facilities like MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, PET scan and nuclear medicine scan for cancer treatment in India. It gives free cancer treatment to the financially backward sections of the society to a level. They have multiple facilities for education, research and treatment of cancer and provide services on preventive oncology, telemedicine, tele-pathology etc. 

You will get the entire super specialty treatment in these hospitals in affordable cost than any other private organization. It will help you getting specialized treatment from expert doctor after getting diagnosed properly with modern technology and skilled technicians.